Saturday, August 7, 2010


I spell Banff like I do up there ^ because that is exactly what everyone says it like, so why in heaven's name is it spelt with an "n"?

I do not lie when I say this bothered me our whole trip there. Every time we said Banff...or rather BaMff, I would take extra precaution and try and pronounce the "n". Hard.

And dumb.

Anyways, this brings me to the beginning of a wonderful story in which me and my handsome prince took a weekend trip to Banff (I'll keep spelling it like this to avoid grammatical errors, cause you know how I hate those). We made the mistake of choosing a long weekend to go, we had any other choice. Lets just say I was one among many, many Asians.

It was our little celebratory Alan-has-a-week-off-of-studying trip! I'd never been to Banff before, and we were already in Calgary, so voila! We paid next near a billion dollars to get in and another few million for a camp site that was right by the road with deee-sgusting bathrroms, and we had ourselves a grand old time! Really, we did!!!

Our only source of income right now would be yours truly, so we tried to avoid spending any more money than we already had to just go GO INTO THE CITY. I don't know why this bothered me so much, but it did. Anyways...we just kind of walked around looking at the places we'd never seen. We did splurge and went to the hot springs and ate out Tony Roma's. Laugh it up!

We toured the big castle thinger-madoo there, whatever it may be called. The Prince of Whales of Banff, if you will. (I compared Banff with Waterton the entire time I was there, sue me).

I really really really liked walking around this hotel. I don't know why. We just kept acting like the snooty rich folk we truly are at heart and pretended like we were riding the elevator to get to our suite on the top floor.

We fooled no one.

Here is us at Lake Louise. That lake's color melts my heart, it really does. We happened upon a nice German friend on the trail and she took some pictures for us. I don't know what's going on over there in Germany, but she took some reeeeally crooked pictures. I loved her anyway. Up to heaven I go!

A dead stuffed wolf and I. This was at an information centre or something. They also had in their possession and on display a stuffed goat and a stuffed BABY GOAT. Yes, a teeny tiny baby goat. Sick, sick people.

Lake Minnewanka or something of the sort. The best thing about this lake was that it was filled with Powerade!

LIES! The best part was this little guy.

He was a begger and a half.

Another lie would NOT be that we spent over two hours playing with and feeding him. So in other words, we suuuure did!

Alan...caught in the act.

Alan makin us a fire. It actually rained a lot so we only had a fire once, but boy did I make s'mores! I actually like to call them "shmores" with a taaad bit of a German accent. It's more authentic since shmores orriginated from Germany.
(quite possibly another lie).

We found this lake on a map, got everything ready for a picnic, drove all the way up here, walked around for a good 10 minutes trying to find a place to spread out our blanket, found a place, spread out our blanket, got out our books and our lunch, and then it rained. Thank heavens we found time to squeeze a picture in there before it was too late!

Two pictures!

I was truly shocked by the mass of people and stores in this little city in the mountains. It was fun to go shopping downtown though. Alan got new sunglasses and was overly excited. He hasn't had new sunglasses since...ever. This is in no way a lie.
All in all, great relaxing fun trip. It was great to escape all of the madness....which includes my dumb job and the dumb laundry.
But I love Bamff. No worries though, I still love Waterton much more.


PamH said...

Looks like you lovebirds had a loverly time! When me and Derick were on our honeymoon, we were driving to Phoenix, and we had to pay just to DRIVE BY the Grand Canyon...we didn't even know it was on the way! Lol! We were so mad...we ended up stopping there since they made us pay and annoying though. :)

Jennie Holt said...

you're QUITE the liar. but good lies and thoroughly entertaining. regan calls it Bamffoo for some strange reason. don't be mad.

Leah said...

I want you to know I spent a good 2 minutes of my time today trying to say baNff and it just wasn't happening. I say petition to change the name and take all the royalties! haha