Monday, October 25, 2010

The Fountain of Loooooove

Since becoming a poor "student" and paying for tuition and rent and food and my own clothes and everything, I've developed into quite the day dreamer. Me and Al very frequently discuss what we will put in our big ol' doctor mansion when he finally finishes school and we have all the money our hearts could ever desire.

His top requests are reasonable:

a) A double headed steam shower in a steam room that also contains a jacuzzi.
b) A grandfather clock (not part of the steam room).

Mine are reasonable too, shut up!

a) A pool with a swinging ball just like at Nicholas Sheron and a hot tub and a sauna.
b) Some sort of contraption that allows my pots and pans to hang from the roof above my island.
c) A maid.
d) A closet that spins just like Hannah Montanas.
e) A horse pen and another maid to pick up their tards.
f) A masseuse.

And above all of the good and wonderful things this world has to offer, one of THEEEESE.

A posifruitly ginungous chocolate fountain and another maid who is constantly filling up trays of pineapple and strawberries and cream puffs for me and my guests to dip in the chocolate waterfall! (mine will just be a straight waterfall like Willy Wonka's, none of this mumbo jumbo nonsense ^)

Alan thinks it will get "gross" and is "unsanitary". What is he, a DOCTOR?


And you guys are all invited.


Leah said...

yummmmmmmm! i wanna visit this house now!

Shelley said...

Ooooh, I can't wait to be a guest in that business!!!

Jennie Holt said...

ha ha posifruitly gigungus. I am so there. you forgot you mention the 2nd mansion just a tad bit smaller a few acres behind yours on your island for your favorite sister and your favorite nieces.

and we will be needing a maid as well. thanks you're the best!!