Wednesday, October 6, 2010

We're Tina and Tina, Aaaaaah.

I used to be quite the little quoter back in the day. I was really into watching movies over and over and over again, but only the reallygood ones. I guess I'm losing my touch though, cause I'm just not so quick on the money anymore. It seems I used to have a comeback to anything in the form of a movie quote....once again...only the good ones. When I worked at the good ol' hardware store with Pierson, he would take his pointer finger and hold it up to his imaginary foggy window and go "eeeeeeee" every time I snuck a Mean Girls quote into a convo. If the window hadn't been imaginary, well I'd imagine there would have been a fair few streaks on there!

Mean Girls has always been top of my list for movies. Seriously, like, THE top. I almost don't like to share this bit of information about myself with people because of the reaction I get. It's never what I'm looking for. In most cases it's "man....I guess it's been a while since I've seen that" or "I've never seen that". Fags! Get a grip on yourself! (hopefully you're not out there reading this). The reaction should be more like: "............." cause they got too excited and the uproar of laughter was brought on so hard once they remembered the movie that they passed out.

It's just so clever. So witty!!

I always knew the reason behind it all. I always knew who brought me this wonderful gift and let me enjoy it hundreds (literally) of times.

But I never really understood how much I would love this woman until I realized she'd brought me this, this most precious valuable gem...a new reason to wake up every morning....a reason to live a better life...a reason to do everything faster and more efficient to give me more spare time at the end of the day for it's viewing pleasure...

Nothing has ever been funnier.

I can literally sit at work and giggle at my desk all day long thinking of the episodes I watched the night before.

Thank you Tina,

Thank you for bringing this into the world. And thank you for having the best sense of humor in all the land. I. Love. You.



(Honorable mention goes to Tracy Morgan)


Spring said...

ummm Tina... this is my favorite movie too. Every time Taylor and I would sit down to watch a movie together, we would both secretly only want to watch Mean Girls... but he could never admit it, so I would suggest every movie in the world until he would finally give in and just fess up to loving it. It is the best. movie. ever. Seriously those lines? I know right..

Tycee Rae said...

Please tell me you have seen baby mama.....? this is probably my all time movie with Tina.

Jennie Holt said...

ha ha thanks for the giggle fest. love the title also! ha ha that is the ugliest effing skirt i have ever seen. I wish you were watching 30 rock with ME instead. boo you whore.

girluntitled said...

don't you have the biggest abnormal crush on jack donaghy too? I CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF THAT SHOW