Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Another Completely Random Post

I'm sorry ok? I can't concentrate on one thing for long enough to make an adequate post about it.

I was on my way to bed the other night, doing my usual ritual of not brushing my teeth and not washing my face when the other usual ritual happened where I find melted chocolate somewhere on me. Now before you get ahead of yourself here, I'll just show you the picture so your mind doesn't wander too far.

This picture looks pretty minimal actually, the chocolate spot looks smaller than it was in real life. But I mean, come on, HOW DID IT GET THERE?

So this last Saturday me and Al decided to put the books down (ok that was just him I guess) and go on our little weekly date. We had Costco burgers (go have one if you haven't) and then were going to hit up the early show when I decided we should spice things up and wait for the LATE one. What can I say? Sometimes I get a little crazy.

Turns out, everything closes at 5 on Saturdays when you live in the big city. It's a rough life. So after hanging out in Costco for a pretty long and decently entertaining while and getting kicked out at 7, we were pretty much SOL.

Good thing we discovered that Petland didn't close til 7:30. Yes! We had 15 minutes to play with the really weird looking animals that we eventually fell in love with and almost left with.

Rodents seriously love Al.... Melts. My. Heart.

Actually, I don't know if this was a rodent? More of a bearded bunny with weird eyes. Suuuper cute though (sort of not kidding).

Oh look, a picture that has nothing to do with Costco or chocolate or rabbits. Well, you can understand why I had to put this on here. I was having a hard time not sharing. I honestly have the cutest nieces/nephews known to mankind. To top it off, all Ash does is giggle and coo at me. How could I not absolutely adore her? Exactly, I couldn't. And I do!

So ya, my impending boredome as afore-mentioned in another post has hit. Al is once again a busy man and I'm a not-very-good-at-keeping-myself-occupied woman. I have been fixing up some curtains for the last few days though, and I must say, I've done it again! Impressed myself, that is. Jen, the mastermind sewer, has nothing on me! I mean, I only ripped, like, three holes in them!!

Sorry about Mr. Fuzz in the form of pictures, my iPhone is afraid of the dark. The curtains look cuter in real life.

VOW: I solemnly vow to only blog about one single thing the next time I blog. Tina OUT!


Jennie Holt said...

i would have to disagree and politely ask you to post about at LEAST double the amount of random events that this post contains. i enjoy them too much.

and only 3 holes?? man tina i might as well not even sew anymore. you're making me look bad.

also you look suuuuper cute on your date, u must like him a lot!

Linz said...

lovely use of the hyphen! And I think it's costco???? Love you tina dear!

Malea said...

I absolutely love your posts Tina!! You keep Canada and Utah highly entertained with your writing! Missing you from down here in the States!

Breanne Eakett said...

K, the pic with you and the bearded bunny is SO cute. like HOLY, lady, your hair looks nothing short of gorgeous! I love when you wear it down. And I agree with Jen, I love your random blogs. You're simply hilarious!Holler.

ps. love the curtains also.