Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I have been associating the feelings I get when the thought of my blog comes into my brain with feelings of overwhelment (probably not a word) and anxiety as I try to unscramble the 500 events that have happened since the last time I blogged. Ergo, I have been putting it off. And I was going to try my best to avoid a huge Christmas post but the ONLY thing I took pictures of was our little 5 AM Christmas at our house...and I need something to help me along. Me rambling usually just turns into a whole bunch of mumble jumble nonsense. Who am I kidding, that's exactly what this will turn into. Anyways, I am currently blaming Alan for my lack of picture taking as every time I go to capture something chuckle-worthy, he withdraws worried that it will end up on here (this might have something to do with the butt-grabbing pictures of us in front of our tree). Well, heeellloooo? What else am I supposed to blog about??

Ok, exhibit A: Holly Jolly Christmas.

I have to be honest here. I ended up at the pharmacy on Chistmas eve buying the only over-the-counter anti-anxiety meds I could find. I did not sleep for the entire week leading up to this day. My stomach was in constant butterflies and it was giving me the runs. I couldn't concentrate on ANYTHING. I really am ashamed of what I just told you, but I told you nonetheless. Umm, you're welcome..? Ok and look how excited Al was, right? Rich.
I got a lot of nice things from the hub, but this made me swoon. Note to reader: do not buy a cheap 10 dollar ironing board at Jysk. It will make you the ultimate pissy grouchy wife every Sunday morning, faithfully.

I did not disappoint in present giving. That right there is a Cadillac of a drill set. It's sorts of for drilling....and stuff... Ok fine, Steve picked them out.

Ok so special moments were had by all Christmas day. My favorite part was probably watching Chloe open her plethera of Belle toys (she's even more enthusiastic than Al). And I also recieved a sewing machine from the Mother. Watch out Jennie's Blog, my sewing projects are gonna slam yours to the ground.

So, first comes Christmas, then comes Whitefish. My camera remained in my suitcase to miss the event of my butt growing three sizes, but it happened. Good thing I had some nice comfy new jammies that allowed plenty of stretch room. So to say the least, we ate a lot...and hot tubbed a lot...and slept a lot...and shopped a bit but didn't buy anything. Oh and went snowboarding of course. Also, I didn't work ALL WEEK. Hells ya!!

Then came new years. And who really cares what we did. But I guess I should make some new years resolutions quick so I can put them on here eh? Ok here goes:
1. This is actually a real one. It's the only resolution that was thought out before new years came. Run another half marathon.
2. Be a good Sunbeams teacher. Yup, my first calling ever. :D :D I'm gonna dominate it for breakfast!!!!...which is how you're supposed to treat church callings...right?? I'm new at this.
3. Get Al into med school or get pregnant so I can quit my job.

Ok, that last one isn't real but it would be nice to get him in early. And would be nice to do that other thing on there too.....cough cough...Ok ok ok lamest resolutions ever. It's a step up from every other year though...since I've never made any before! What can I say...I'm a real go-getter.

If you haven't already noticed, Al grew out his beard for like 2 months. It was sexy right up until the end when it wasn't sexy and so I made him shave it. I actually miss it a lot. It was almost ready to braid.

He did the whole "stages and pictures" thing while he took it off but I refuse to post them because they make me cringe (moustaches...ew).

Exhibit L (I think thats what letter we're at now), Alan's birthday. I really hate that it's so close to Christmas. I'm debating changing it to like September. We need more to celebrate in that month, no? So, I'll let ya know how that one goes. Like most times, I had planned on capturing the events of the day with the ol' camera, but like most times, it didn't happen. I made him bacon for breakfast and took him out for all you can eat ribs for dinner. And got him a drill set for Christmas. It had to count because we're broke as a joke....from those drills....not a joke. Ok, so it was a pretty good day. I kept forgetting it was his birthday but everytime I remembered I made it count! (it was my first day back at work, cut me some slack). we are nuzzling into bed and about to fall asleep, I realize I FORGOT to bake him a CAKE. Just forgot. Just didn't even cross my mind. I'm a dirty dirty woman....and I need to be punished. I probably should have repeated that line to him to make up for the cake incident, but I just promised to make him a cake a different day and went to sleep. Hahaha, holy cow....I'm a dumpy wife!

Weeeeeelllllllllllllll, my eyes are now half closed. I'm gonna go see what's on TV. Oh and then I'm going to realize that the only thing that's on is hockey and Family Guy (is it just me or has that show really gone down the drain?) and I'll proceed to turn the TV off and roll over and fall asleep on the futon which is actually kind of like laying on a piece of wood.

Peace out home boy.


becky said...

that dirty wife part made me laugh! in fact i'm still laughing. so funny. also i'm really glad we both obsess over arrested development.

Tina Heggie said...

Anyone that is a friend of Arrested Development is a friend of mine!

gibb-gibb said...

Haha, Tina, please blog more often. You make me laugh. Also - I GOT A SEWING MACHINE TOO! And I have no idea how to use it. Feel free to give me lessons and stuff.

Jennie Holt said...

I might as well just delete my blog your craftiness is going to surpass me ten fold.

PamH said...

loved this post tina. you should be a stand-up comedienne!! lol