Monday, January 31, 2011

I Got The Fever

You know that moment when you see something you like, something you absolutely know you must have....and you don't know what to do so you just stare it right in the face..and then the next thing you know they are staring you right in the face..and you don't know what to do and you freak out a little inside but you just can't seem to stop looking..and then they have to be the one to drop their gaze cause they feel so incredibly akward...and you know that but you keep looking...and as they walk past you you try so hard not to but you can't help it and you turn your head to follow them until your neck is straining so bad you think you might pinch a nerve...and you feel all hope is lost and you're going to lose them forever and suddenly you feel your feet turning you in a 180 and you watch them walk away until they are a small spec in your vision...and out of your life forever?

Ya, you big creeps, you've all done it. You can be a big liar and say you havent, but you have. And I know I have. Many a time.

It all began with the boys with spiked hair and frosted tips and the seashell necklace. They looked so much older and more mature than I did, but I could still tell they were my age. And I couldn't look away. Then it turned into any older guy in general, didn't matter really what he looked like, but he was taller than me, and that was enough to have me goggling at him down the hallway no matter who was watching me. Next, it was the punk rockers with the band t-shirts and the "too cool for school" baditude. Following this, it was literally any guy with hair past his shoulders (preferrably dreads) with glazed over eyes and a half smile on his face as he nodded softly to his reggae blasting through his giant headphones. Eventually, I moved onto finer things and I stared after the boys with the big beautiful eyes and long eye lashes that my children would one day inherit. The boys who dressed nice but not gay and who had big manly hands devoid of any big gold bands on their left hand.

So now that I've put a ring on my best stare-down ever, I'm left with, ask??


Pups, pups, and more pups. It happened today. I saw them from a distance on my walk to my car. The owner was an older man, probably in his 60's, and he had two of them. Two stunningly beautiful, well groomed, full-grown Alaskan Malamutes. I tried to look away, but try my best, my eyes forbade me not. And as they neared, I thought of getting up the courage to ask for a little petting time, please sir just one pat on the head!! But then the man gave me a look that read "geez lady, what the freak?" and he crossed the street. But I did my little turn and watched longingly as they departed from my presence.


An Alaskan Malamute is among the top of my choices. It's in battle for the top with those cutie-pie Bernese Mountain Dogs (the one in the first picture). Big, fluffy dogs just melt my little heart. Or my big heart? I dunno, I guess whatever you think on that one.

But ya can't go wrong with one of these sexy dogs either. Gorgeous I tell ya, just gorgeous!

I've always thought dalmations were hella sweet, and I still do, but I hear they are mean. And I can't have my guy never givin' me big slobbery kisses and nipping at my feet.

Rotweillers, I guess they can be pretty mean too. But I could probably handle the deep growling and gnashing of teeth and killing of my neighbors, cause LOOK AT THAT FACE!!!

When it all comes down to it, black labs have been there for me through thick and thin, and I've never stopped loving this breed. And I think if we got one anytime soon, we'd get one of these bad boys.

But that aint going to happen. Sorry to get your hopes up. But I don't want to coop my sweet little guy (I clearly already have one in my imagination) up in our teensy tiny house all day while me and Al go off on our day-to-day business. But to state the obvious, I have some major dog fever. And it's so much hotter than baby fever under all that fur!


Jennie Holt said...

who ARE you?? we are not related. those pictures made me gag.

ok maybe not the first one. but maybe as a puppy. and it better not touch me.

Kelsey Scott said...

i got a fever... and the only prescription is more cowbell.

Kristen Gibb said...

hahahaha, oh Tina, I thoroughly enjoyed the descriptions of all your previous stare-downs. This blog post is a gem.

The Dudleys said...

GET ONE! Dogs are the greatest. Seriously. My vote is for the Rottweiler they are so cute!