Wednesday, January 19, 2011

It's Hump Day

Well, apparently no one shares my Carey Mulligan passion. Oh well, more for me!

OKAY, I had yet another person ask me if I was pregnant today. Well, no I'm not. But thanks for asking. NOT! I swear I'm not fat enough for this question. I also can not think of a worse thing to get asked...especially when they ask it when I've squeezed into my jeans for the special occasion of leaving the house and am sitting there unable to breath and dreaming of my stretchy's back at home. So just to inform everyone, I am not "eating for two" as my FB status has previously stated. Just don't leave your FB on when you go to Jen's house...she won't go easy on you! When I'm pregnant, my blog fans will be the first to know. I bet you sure feel important now! You're welcome. :)

I know I blog about my pants being tight a deepest apologies...but it's just kind of hard to get it off your mind when you are so incredibly uncomfortable all day long. Can anyone else relate to this? Or should I just go try and find some new pants? But who really has the money for that sort of thing? I guess it's time to turn to Walmart brand mom jeans.

Did anyone watch the SNL Women Special on a few months ago? It was a hoot and a holler!

Oh, and while I'm talking about Tina Fey kind of sort of a little bit, anyone watch the Golden Globes? I was totally expecting everyone to have sacrificed their entire Sunday night like I did and be raving about them the next day, but I was alone everywhere I went. They must not have been informed of all the Christian Bale footage. Even underneath all those scrags, he still looks dreamy. Aaaaah....

Anyways, back to T. Fey, what's the issue with Glee beating out 30 Rock AND Modern Family. Who is judging these freaking things, anyways? Whoever was in charge of that award must have never watched Glee or else they would have seen Mathew Morrison (Mr. Shue...don't worry I had to look this up) and turned it off. I hate that guy! I pretty much feel the same way about the whole show. It's just really let me down. I gave it my all though. I watched it every week hoping that it would get better and they'd keep me interested, but they failed. They've lost a good soldier. Or is the word "fan"? I'm sure those words work as synonyms.

As you have already discovered, I don't have much going on to blog about. Me and Al have both been sick this week. Now, I think I've mentioned before how good I am at sleeping. I take pride in this. However, last night I found myself laying there with my mouth wide open in an attempt to breath and the area behind my eyeballs and all the way to the top of my head and down to my neck just aaabosolutely pounding. I spent the whole time trying to get my nose to stop running by turning over and letting it drain to the other nostril...but before I had the time to fall asleep...I'd need to turn over again. Being sick is THE BEST. So at about 2:00 AM (lets keep in mind I had to get up at 4:30) I was getting really sick of the whole thing and woke Al up in a frustrated huff.

He asked what would help me stop playing reruns of The Bachelor in my head over and over and over (we watched it right before bed last night) so that I could fall asleep...and I asked for a story. He proceeded to tell me the life-changing story of Lululemon Girl and her travels to Lululopolis. That girl sure came across a lot of things on her way to the big city, but somewhere between a talking pack of bunnies that needed her help and her "walking and walking and walking and walking and walking....and walking..." I started snoring.

Does anyone else love my husband as much as I do?? Probably not. Well, except his grandma. But I'm sure I could even take her out in a loving Al competition. He's just such the best.

So then after work today, I turned Arrested Development on and after half an episode, fell asleep. And then I kept sleeping for three stupendous hours. It was a glorious time and I wish a three hour nap upon everyone everyday.

And would you look at that, I just made a fairly decent-sized post out of absolutely nothing. Good for you Tina, good for you.

I already posted this on FB, but it's just making me smile. I love me some Xav!

Until next time...


girluntitled said...

i agree whole-heartedly about the glee thing. they need to give it up already.

Kelsey Scott said...

Three things:
1. I hate glee. thank you! where was modern family on the wins... also, tonight's episode was great.
2. Christian Bale's scruff look at the GGs was almost unbearably hot.
3. Seriously, he is so hot.

Leah said...

holy tamolee tina I freakin love your blog posts. they seriously MAKE my day! so ridiculously funny!!!

Jennie Holt said...

ha ha ha luluopolis.

ha ha ha mom jeans/tina fey

ha ha glee sucks

love ur blog.

The Seaborns said...

I got asked if I was pregnant too! Seriously so depressing.