Monday, July 11, 2011

how to make your husband do stuff for you

I've never believed in reverse psychology. But a few weeks ago I gave Al a big fat dose of it, and it got me pretty far. So now I guess I have no choice but to believe in it. Clap your hands above your head and sing with me now, I BELIIIEEEEVE!  You just have to be reeally sneaky when you are dishing it out. And it has to be used on a man. A man that is determined to succeed and please your every need. Ya, I have one of those living in my house...aint no thaaang (I am feeling very 'Queen Latifah' today...I recommend the 30 Rock episodes featuring her). 

It all started when Pam posted yet another cruel Urban Outfitters link. I harmlessly scrolled down, and the next second I was jumping up and down on my bed, my computer flailing this way and that, pointing and gasping to Alan that I NEEDED what was on the screen. I wish I was exaggerating this story...but I swear to you that I am not. Here is what I saw. Sorry I don't know how to get the picture off of there and don't feel like trying. 

So I kept this charade up for a few minutes to show Al how much I wanted and would spend 400 bucks on it. I don't know why I liked it so much since I usually could care less to spend money on anything other than clothes or food, but it just like hit me right in the deepest place of my heart that I needed this headboard. Plus we really like to watch movies in bed while we eat supper in bed, so a couch back for a headboard? Yes please and thank you very much. 

I posted it on FB and 20 seconds later, the very dependable FB'er Jennie Holt sent me a link on how to make your own upholstered headboard. Man, I am linking up all kinds of things in this post. It's a new record! Of course I couldn't do it on my own, so that's where the reverse psychology came into play. 

Here's how I made it happen and how you can make it happen by following these three simple steps:
1. Complain and wine exceedingly about how important this is to you and how you'll be forever in his debt if he can just do this one simple thing. Remember "it's all you ask of him" (make sure you sing this even more beautifully than Raoul on Phantom)
2. List all the projects your man hasn't done for you. Be sure to never mention anything that he has done. Be very negative about things you have asked him to build and that he hasn't.
3. Challenge his masculine power and abilities to complete the task. 

Hopefully your results are as good as mine. 

So here's how he started. Al is really amusing to watch do stuff. He mapped this baby out for a good two hours before starting. Now let's step back and picture me doing this project on my own.....I'd get a piece of plywood...draw a shape that looked similar to the shape in the picture and maybe the size of the bed judging on my very expert memory on how big our bed is and how far I can reach across it with my arms...and go to town.  Well, Al had all the measurements perfect and everything set up perfect and we all mocked him the entire time, but I guess that's why I suck at everything and he is good at everything and I love him for it. 
 Van is a good helper. He's also hilarious, so that helped lighten the mood of me making Al work on this all July 1 :)  (cute grin that makes you not hate me).
 So we put some foam and fluffy quilt stuff on top of the plywood....
 And then we started to upholster it which took for EVER. We had to put a needle through 2" of foam and fluffy stuff into a hole the size of......well, a needle. It was almost impossible to find that ________ hole. Man I wanted to swear but I'm really working on discarding of my swearing problem. Anyways, it was also really hot and I was sweating which, as you may have noticed, I do a lot lately. Mmmmmm yumm-ay.
 And here's our headboard. Cute eh? I did want to do it pukey yellow or poopy green but couldn't find the fabric and hate ordering stuff online so it's grey and I'm looking for a duvet cover to match as the one we currently have is the exact same color as this headboard.

Oh man I can't even get a breath in edgewise in this post....(HUGE EXHALE)
I really need a pillow update. All in good time, my dear, all in good time.

So there ya go, my husband is awesome and good at everything he does! And I love my new headboard and no I won't make you one!


Leah said...

oh my cuteness! It's so so cute! Can you do a how to find a husband that'll make you cute stuff now?? peas and thanks! :o)

PamH said...

Still so in love with your headboard....these pictures don't even do it justice though!!! It MUST be professionally photographed. That headboard deserves the limelight I tell you!!

Kelsey Scott said...

if you need something on your bed try burnelli quilts! a little expensive but i'll hook you up with a sweeeeet deal. they're awesome!

Jennie Holt said...

oh i am still so in love as well. and i agree with pam it looks WAY better than those pics. i hope al got a HUGE thank you for all his hard work! (wink wink nudge nudge ;)

Jennie Holt said...

when are you blog all about your new PAD??? miss you.