Sunday, July 10, 2011

what has everyone been up to, what's the hot gossip, tell me everything.

Here are some pictures. Let me see if I can share their story while my already fat fingers swell up and my brow drips perspiration in my 33 degree house. The heat is inescapable and NO I am not complaining. I love it. But this computer is radiating too much heat. I'll hurry. Shut up Tina. 

Alan thinks it's amusing that I call all baby ducks duckies with no intention of talking like a 5 year old or a gay man. I just think that's what they should be called cause they are so ducking cute (quack quack (as in a duck laughing)). I followed these little gaffers around for about an hour at Henderson and if the freaking mom wouldn't have been such a control freak I would have swept one out from under her. Also, that is me acting like one! Just a lot bigger and a lot less cute. . 

This pic is from over three years ago, when me and Al began our love affair. I can't really believe how this all turned out...I was just being nice to a guy in a neck brace and look where it got me...

And here he is this year...doing the same hike....but slower this time as the woman in the situation has let herself go a little. Nonetheless, I am so happy Al got out of that disaster safe and sound. I worry about his back every single day but we hiked a mountain this I'd say he's doing pretty good. What a good boy! arf arf! 

 So ya, we took a little trip to Waterton this last week. I took three days off work after the July 1 weekend (which was fun too but I have no pictures of). We camped in our cute, not so little 6 man tent.  I love Waterton and am going to miss being so close to it.  This pic is both of us at Wall Lake.

We biked up to Prince of Whales and just sat up there for a while. I had to tuck my shirt into my bra straps cause the wind kept trying to take a peak at my lady friends.  

Also while in Waterton, I discovered that Al looks hilarious when he fills his mouth up with air. 
This is the mountain we hiked. Mt. Galwey. It was beautiful...I love being on top of a matter how much heat stroke I get on the way up.  

 This is what we were climbing up. And a shot of my butt cause I know how my readers love those.
 The nice folk that let us tag along. Lauren, her beau, Poop, and Ames.

 A cliff. Pooped my pants a little.
We hired someone to hike up the mountain with us and pose us for this picture. Totally worth it, right? 

While I'm talking about Waterton, in April when the place was still bombarded by snow, we went snow shoeing. There was lots of snow. I was going to post these pictures but then didn't so here we are. These pics actually make me miss bundling up. It's the only good thing about winter. You can hide so much under there!

 Pregnant with gloves and hats.
 Walked right up to the roof.

K bye love you. 


girluntitled said...

i'm gonna take a wild guess and say that all of the shirts alan's wearing are either from value village or he got them for free. ha ha.

Jennie Holt said...

YOU ARE JUST TOO DUCKING FUNNY. sorry caps was on. thanks for taking all the good days in waterton, we were left with the windy leftovers. sorry i couldn't be there to watch your cute bum hike all day long.

Tina Wilde said...

Sara: you are very accurate, that's how Al rolls. We got a free shirt thrown to us in a parade the other day, and he was almost as happy as he was on our wedding day.