Sunday, June 26, 2011

buy, sell, buy, sell, funny money boom bang!

The title of this is just a quote that's stuck in my head because we have been posting on Kijiji all day.  If anyone can name what it's from, satisfaction is your reward.

Just so you guys know, that goal I made a while ago to be optimistic and happy is going quite splendid, I'd say. Aside from those three days in a row last week full of insane hormone swings and raging screaming fits at my sweet husband that I have since begged forgiveness for, things have been great. I don't even have to do my hair anymore or put make up on because I just really don't care. I guess this could be classfied as letting myself go........buuuuut.....ya I don't know what to say. It's freedom in my eyes, ok!

Anyways, I don't have much exciting aka pictures to post so to thrill up this post I am going to separate it into a happy/sad post regarding these last few months and the next few months.

I'm happy that I have a husband that makes it so I literally have to search and scramble for stuff to blow up at him about. When I just HAVE to scream (which I do about once a month) it ends up being about a towel being not placed 'just so' on the rack...or him having a cold for too long or putting out his back. I really don't deserve my life.

We found a place to live in Saskatoon. We went there last week and it was a blast. I already feel like it's 30% home. So that means it will become home to me faster than I thought. The house we found is perfect. I love it. I need to paint it though so I am not charging for color suggestions.

I got a feather in my hair. This also is part of the sad list but I am happy that I got one cause I wanted one. More to come. I know, the suspense is killing you. No scrolling forward!

We had a yard sale this week and it went swimmingly. Me and Jen both had a bum load of stuff to get rid of and only had to take like 3 boxes for donation in the end. My house is a pretty prime location for reeling in H core garage saler's. Plus I got a sunburn so that's great. I am going to be a wrinkly melanomic mess one day, I know, but hopefully by then I won't care...or the world will end.

I'm still happy I married Al. No I'm not surprised about it but I am surprised how much more I love him all the time and how I can't not tell you this right now even though it's a big wad of cheese.

I'm happy about the cute TV stand Pam found for me in the dumpster by my house. It is white but really needs a paint job and, once again, free color suggestions today. YOU are WELCOME.

I'm happy that Al finally bought himself a guitar. And that he let me talk him into just spending the money to buy a nice one. It is pretty D sweet. You guys should let your husbands buy a guitar cause even if they can't play it, it's a pretty big turn on (just deal with the TMI, come on you can handle it). Especially if it looks like Al's. I should have taken a picture..sure it is sitting right beside me right now and my camera is pretty much touching my love handle...but it's Sunday and I'm not supposed to exert.

I'm happy that we went to see Bridemaids this weekend and that Jen came cause she is the best to go to movies with. She laughs louder than I do at funny movies...and you all know how much I love comedies...and some of you know how loud I laugh at them (inquire from my neighbors if curious). Just go to the was not a ra-tard like The Hangover (yes I just quoted and bashed the same movie in one sentence)...but Bridesmaids is actually richly hilarious.

I am just happy in general.

Leaving. Leaving the fam. If I say any more I might bawl like a baby cow. I think what they do is considered bawling...

Leaving my babies behind. I actually have already had crying fits about this because I am obsessed ok? I'm sure if the ladies at work here me talk about something Chloe did one more time they'll cut my head off. "She's not even your kid!! SHUT UP!" And I guess you can't steal pics from FB anymore? So so much for that. So I just linked the words "my babies" with the two blogs...look at how can I LEEAVE?!

And in regards to the feather, it was cool when they put it in but now I don't know what to do because it just sticks out the side of my head and I look like yankie doodle who is clearly a lunatic..  To top it off, it is grey and looks quite a bit like a seagull feather. Classy.

I'm not sad about anything else. Except for the big desk sitting in the middle of my living room and Alan hurting his back this week. These two things are related cause this thing is heavy. It is really nice and sturdy if you want to buy it! Same with a whole butt load of vases and a futon that hopefully you haven't read about before in this blog. If you haven't, it is liiiike REEAAALLLY comfy.


Kelsey Scott said...

I will gladly buy those vases! Seriously.

PamH said...

"nearly touching my live handle". Best line in the whole post. Lol. And don't worry about your feather!!! As soon as your hair grows a titch it will lay down better. Mine are all flatter and it's only been a week. And I'm happy to go dumpster diving with you any time!!

Jennie Holt said...

how CAN you leave? Chloe will never forgive you. and then i will be sad all day.
I really should get a couple of those vases for chloe's room. so pick out a few darling ones and bring em over! kthanks.
and can we PLEASE go to bridesmaids again??