Friday, November 5, 2010


Today, I am going to use my blog to yell at a few people that deserve it. I apologize if I scare the children.....

I just wanted to let let some people know that....guess what, you DON'T know what's going on in other people's live and your input DOESN'T matter and more likely than not, it has NOTHING to do with you.

Enough with the criticism and the snide remarks like you know what everyone is going through cause you have "been through it". Sure, maybe sometimes people can relate to other people's problems, but everyone is different and you can't open your big fat mouth until you've walked a day in another person's shoes, which I'll have you know is impossible.

I'm not perfect, I judge people and I think things of others that I probably shouldn't. But lets opt for some courtesy every once in a while how about?

And lets keep those loud mouths shut if you "heard this from this person who knows this person who heard if from this person". Really? Ever played the game 'telephone'? I think we learned when we were 5 how that one works.

I'm just so tired of watching people I love go through hard times and then having it made worse by people who think they are the fricken SHIZ. You aren't. Grow up. Spread some love, not hate!



Jennie Holt said...

well put tina. well put.

I am also a little (ok maybe alot) enraged. I just wish people would realize "you know i DON'T know their situation so why would i spread more gossip about something i know NOTHING about"

Everyone just needs to mind their own business and don't act they know both sides...when obviously. the don't

Leah said...

Well put indeed! My moneys on you too by the way! Your so feisty tina haha

Breanne Eakett said...

this post is BOSS. i wish everyone in the world could read this! love you

Angela Bridge said...

IMA PUNCH YOU i love you!