Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I am forced to blog again because Al is watching some dumb sporting event on TV. What happened to wanting to hang out with me more than wanting to watch abnormal-looking lanky men run around a court that is the size of their left hand??? Oh well, that's my opinion on THAT and here's my opinion on some not random and totally related topics:
Saw three kids on a leash the other day with only one mom holding on to all of them. How HANDY did that look?? Pretty handy, and I'm fine with it.  Nobody is getting hurt, everyone is winning. Win here...win there. The kids all get to walk around and play and laugh, and the mom doesn't have to set up one of those horrid contraptions they call strollers.  I promise I'm going to love my kids like crazy-go-nuts and also put them on a leash.

I just don't get why everyone thinks this is so terribly cruel.  Want to know what's cruel? Babies in trash cans. Kids with FAS. Beating kids with baseball bats. Hiding children in basements their whole lives. Home schooling. Just to name a few.
 Season 5 is on my computer and I pee every time I think about it. If BASSABALL wasn't on right now......I'd be done watching every single episode and my neighbors would be yelling at me through the wall to stop laughing like a loud butthead.
My blow dryer is officially out of business..cause going to work and church and Walmart with your hair wet is the best.
One thing is for sure, Constantine is hot. Every time the camera skims by his face/sexy bod real quick I get little sexy butterflies in my stomach and swoooon!

Ok I'm sorry you have had to endure my super awesome posts lately but the computer is dead and I'm done trying to ignore the game going on on the TV. I can't handle the sound of it anymore! haha you wish I was your wife don't you. 


Breann Clawson said...

haha you should just not wash your hair... and then you won't have to blow-dry it. just a thought. i'm participating in this thought as we speak. and also... i get too sweaty when i blow dry my hair. over rated.

Jennie Holt said...

ha ha homeschooling is on your list of cruelty. i am loving all the blogging you have been doing. hopefully Al watches sports all the time!

girluntitled said...

me and my brother were on leashes as a child...and look how we turned out?

Gibb-Gibb said...

Dang it, Jennie beat me to it! PAHAH, I busted a gut laughing when I read home schooling on your list of cruelty too. It's soo true though.

Kelsey Scott said...

One time my mom put me on a leash at universal studios and the woody woodpecker mascot came and grabbed it from her and made me dance with him in front of everyone. I am still scarred to this day and hate birds haha.

jezebel said...

i dont know why anyone would want to be homeschooled. sometimes people are STUPID! leashes however, not stupid. i think i'll tie my kids up to a tree, leave them some toys and watch Arrested Development all day. Ima be the best mom!