Monday, June 6, 2011

my week in pictures

It's your lucky day! I confiscated the pictures that the marathon people sent me instead of buying them for 50 bucks each. They were trying to rob me! I actually felt guilty so only stole one and here it is.... along with some other pictures from the last little while. I'm a picture poster now...what of it?

This pic was really the only decent one. The other ones I almost posted to be funny but couldn't quite cut it. Yes, they were worse than that one I posted of me sleeping on the beach. I looked like I was going to DIE.  Anyways, this one is ok...doesn't quite show my pain but shows how disgusting my lips were. And somehow, I lost the two bottom pins of my number. I guess I was running pretty fast.

Here we are on the train ride there. Al got up with us at 4 and came and waited for a solid 7 hours. He's nice.
After the race. My thought process went a little something like...."somebody kill me"
My mom can and WILL beat you in a race.
Everyone in the fam jam ran somethin. Me and D ran halfer; D, L, and P ran a 10'er; and J and Shell ran the 5'er. Cause we are pretty much the shaaaaz.
I love my patient waiter gator.
Pretty much the best part of my day! You are supposed to ignore Jen in this picture or else I'm not allowed to post it.
This is me and Dix runnin the Coulee Cactus Crawl a week later. We're kinda matchy! Except she's prettier.
Our relay team. This race was SO hot and my legs are currently still debilitated so I looked like....well you can just imagine what I looked like running the thing. 

We had a little bit of a late Easter at the Heggie house. Doesn't matter though, both bunnies still got devoured within 10 hours by just one of us...I shall not reveal which one. 

Alan likes when we take pictures together and be's real cute about it. 

That's it, boring post. Jen is making me pasta...THANKS JEN. 
PS if you don't like these GIANT pictures, let me know and I will change them cause I aim to please. 


Jennie Holt said...

i LOVE giant pictures. you can really see my linebacker qualities better than way. and you are not even IN that hottub picture what gives?? and i got up at 4 TOO ya know, and i didn't like it one BIT. see you at ladiesfest bisnatch! or tomorrow.

Leah said...

Love me some giant pictures! You guys are seriously crazy. The calgary run looked super fun though. I wish I pulled myself outta bed to come join you all! Just sure didn't feel like it at the time :o)

PamH said...

Ha ha...Jennie's face in the hot tub pic is the best! I am jealous you guys got to soak it up. I laid in Trent's yard forever though and sweat my face off...same thing.

Tina Wilde said...

Jennie, you are INSANE. I am right there in the hot tub with you...just a little to the right.

And Leah, you missed out man! But I also missed out on sleeping sooooo tough call.

Breann Clawson said...

yay!! that is legit! oh and i HATE that one pic costs 50 bucks! i had a great one of me where i was flexing for the guy... i shoulda just stolen it too! but congrats! i envy you!