Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hair Voltaire, I Personally Would Rather Learn About Voltaire

Sooo, I'm awesome.
Not to toot my own horn or anything. Actually, yes, to toot my own horn. Consider this as me, being a brag-whore.
I cut Alan's hair the other day. My first time ever as hairdresser! Unless you are counting Barbies which you're not because what kind of grown up woman even remembers playing with Barbies?!? Not me, I assure you. Psh...nooohot me.....
Ok...so the big reveal here.

It's half decent eh? I mean, it's no Angela Bridge hair cut, but what is? I was so nervous when I just started randomly snipping away not having a freaking clue where to start or where to finish or how to not cut my fingers every five seconds. I kind of figured it out though and seriously, I impressed myself...if you haven't already figured that one out.
You're probably thinking I am a huge knob job for bragging about something that, like I said, looks only half decent, but the thing is...I always screw things up. That's my nature. Screw up 10 times, then it will possibly maybe turn out good. I never plan things, never ever. I just GO. And it always makes a huge mess that I end up having to turn around and do all over again. For example, when I sew. I just slap a few pieces of material together and put my foot on that peddle and push as hard as I can cause I have to get this done!
In the long run, I always discover that planning would have been better. But I never learn from my mistakes...cause that would be too easy.
Anyways, sucess at it's finest for this young chap (me).
I always worked a full 8 hours today, went for a run, cleaned the house, baked cookies, made supper, AND I'm blogging. And yesterday, I worked, cleaned the car (seriously, worse than laundry), went running in the 30+ degree weather, paid some bills, cleaned the house (this apparently has to be done every day), and made Al's favorite dinner.
Is anyone else impressed with this new house wife? Caaaause ya should be!


Spring said...

Ok turns out we are blog friends now... So i am taking this opportunity to make my first comment and let you know that I am extremely impressed... With it all!

Sami-Jane said...

oh tina you are such a domestic goddess! but when are we going to have our tea parties with milk and cookies where we wear gloves and hats and pioneer dresses (only nicer)? WHEN WHEN WHEN???
p.s. grandmas antiques has gloves!

Tina Heggie said...

Kaylee I absotootly love reading your blog.

And Sam, you need to move in next door to us already. I mean it will just be so much more convenient for the tea parties. Also...I want to go to Grandmas Antiques!! Take me there! Haha