Monday, August 30, 2010


I walked in from work today and thought to myself "I should blog today". So naturally, I pondered on what the topic should be. As I considered the possibilities, I glanced down and realized I'd eaten two entire rows out of the double chocolate coconut brownies I made yesterday.


Would I be going too far to say that it defines me? Psh, no way man! It does. I am a firm believer that chocolate heals all wounds. Every time I have a stomach ache or (please no) cramps or I feel sad or worn out, I go get me some chocolate. It's the perfect way to celebrate...the perfect way to make a good mood even better....the perfect thing to top off ever meal. If you can't tell, I go through a lot of it in the day.

I remember last Easter we got a candy bag full of chocolate on our desks courtesy of The Social Club. How special, right? I was on early shift so I was there at 6. I was so darn excited by this little surprise (best day of work ever)...what else was there to do but dive right in! That bag of goodies was gone by 6:05. The (very skinny, I might mention) girl I was on shift with was disgusted with me. So, that among other things gave me a rep. And now whenever there is chocolate in the hizzy, I am the first one to know....and the first one to eat it!

I just turned to Al and told him I had "writer's block" and asked him what he thought when I said "chocolate". His reply? "My competition for your time".

I'm also known as a biiiiit of a messy eater. Just a bit. I spill a little...sometimes. Also, I really like white shirts. About 80% of the time (this is true honesty at it's finest), there is a chocolate stain somewhere on that shirt. And most of the time, it is smeared on my butt from spilling chocolate crumbs and sitting on them (in the car and at work would be the prime places for these little incidents).

I know what you're thinking, I'm gross. I am, I know. I often wonder what my neighbors think of me. Running to my car every morning with a handful of Reese Pieces or a Fudeo shoved in my mouth....but I'm sure they can just see the glowing smile hiding behind the chocolate dripping down my face.

Soo, my real hearthrob, you ask?

I have so much stinking saliva in my mouth right now, it is ridiculous.


Alan and I have discovered a new, delicious, and what I consider a healthy treat. Presenting: our chocolate of the week!

They're good. Seriously. Don't let the "dark chocolate" part fool you, your mind will be blown!

So anyways, it may add a few more cottage cheese's on my thighs and size up the tire around my tummy, but I mean it when I say: chocolate, you are completely worth it.


Anonymous said...

Oooooo....Orange chocolate and Chocolate Acai/ Blueberries are delicious. I had some of those at Costco the other day...yummm! I am also a messy chocolate eater.

Jennie Holt said...

yaaaa i am pretty sure every car i have ever been in has chocolate stains on the seat from me. sigh. My name is jennie and i am a chocoholic. good thing i bought a ginorm bag of mini chocolate bars yesterday!! i think i may have some now thank you.

Sami-Jane said...

hey TINA! I am inviting myself over every afternoon from now on to help you with your addiction. this will involve me eating half of your supply. its only fair that i also eat half of jennie's supply also. two halves make a whole! so who is the chocaholic here? (you know that i NEED something sweet after every meal, and this post made my mouth water)

Kinsey said...

Ah yes chocolate. Does anyone eat chocolate non-messily? Haha Tina I just love your blog.