Thursday, August 26, 2010

Mr. Pitt

I used to carpool with this chickadoodle from work. Nicest lady you'll ever meet, bar none. I honestly sometimes would find myself wishing that everyone I worked with was her. Just 8 other her's sitting around me, typing their little hearts out....while I nod off to sleep or check my blog (gasp! don't tell!).

One fine morning, we were driving in her little Saturn when the topic of acting came up. The next thing I knew (it all happened so fast), she was just absolutely going on a rampage about Brad Pitt. She just went off telling me how she hated that "just because he was good looking, didn't mean he could act" and that how he "was such a terrible actor" and she "hated all his movies" (I have to put this in quotes so you for sure know these are not my thoughts).

I almost choked on my own vomit. I didn't though, I just swallowed it and tried to act like nothing was wrong. If it would have been anyone else, ANYONE.....I would have let them see the smoke coming out my ears and the vein popping out of my forehead as I yelled at them in fury telling them that they needed to be institutionalized......the next thing they'd know, I'd have curled up into a ball and slid out the door and all they would see is just a tiny me in their rearview mirror, rolling in the ditch.

But this lady is just too much of a sweet I didn't say anything. Just waited until she had stopped being outrageous and kindly changed the subject.

It nearly killed me.

How could such an absurd thought even begin to bubble in one's brain, I wonder? Brad Pitt is a downright stinkin genious! That's why everyone loves him. His looks (yum yummers) are just the cherry on top of the deeeelicious pie.

Here's him in the movie I think he looks his very best. Legends of the Fall.

Anyways, so I was just thinking about that today and then got thinking about how much I would rather look like Kate Winslet than me and how I love all her movies, so I thought I'd share a few of my favorite actors/actresses with y'all. Here they are in their (in my opinion) their shinest moments.

Kate Winslet - Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. I mean, name another someone you know that can pull off blue hair. Come on, do it.

Oh, Christian Bale. You were my first love, you had me star struck, but I wasn't 13...I was 20. (This is from a very nice scene in Equilibrium)

Maggie! Don't feel like trying to spell that darn'd last name of yours. Here you are in Crazy Heart! Good job on that nomination!

Mark Wahlberg in I Heart Huckabees.

Natalie Portman, Garden State. I just remembered that this is pretty much my favorite movie of all time, and I'm going to go watch it.
You'll notice that all of these people are gorgeous. Well, I'll have you know and am not ashamed to say that if I'm going to spend 2 hours of my life looking at you, you better look nice. That's right, I don't want to see that mess inside your mouth that you call teeth, MILEY.


Sami-Jane said...

was the miley comment in reference to "the last song" where we cpomplained about her teeth the entire time?
also...u will be pleased to know that from the age of 12-14 i had a "bradd book" it entailed many magazine cut outs of dreamy brad, and also watching his movies...i would be lying if i said that i didnt wish to be the young kirsten dunst in "interview with a vampire" where she got to kiss brad!

Kelsey Scott said...

remember in the last song where miley pouted the entire time? i hate her. can she please go to speech therapy and learn to enunciate?

Meghan Maxwell said...

Brad is phenomenal in Legends of the Fall! Like really! Epic even! That lady is on something for sure! P.S i also couldn't get over miley's teeth in the Last Song. Like really how rich are you? GET SOME NEW TEETH! Ok thats all!

Jennie Holt said...

i also love kate winslet but honestly can she not dye her eyebrows to match her hair?? they are NEVER MATCHING and drives me up the wall. i love all your top choices and can just imagine your swallowing your outrageous comments for whats her name...i can't remember. we should watch garden state later. i love it.

Tina Heggie said...

Yes, The Last Song...WORST SHOW EVER. I wanted to find her and kick those teeth right outta there the whole movie.

I really did used to be a Miley fan, but now my hatred 'can't be tamed'....haaardy har har!!!!

And J, don't diss Kate, she's the sexiest there is!

girluntitled said...

has that "sweet cake" ever seen "fight club"?

like come on!

Leah said...

freak tina I love your blog! There are not a lot of people that I actually read their posts but when I see a new post from you I just giddy with excitement!!