Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Humorlicous, hah hah

I tend to find everything funny....even when, and sometimes especially when, it's not supposed to be. I don't mind having the sense of humor I have; in fact, it makes everyday life pretty spectacular, but it also gets a tad bit frustrating. I just want to share the laughter with everyone! But how do I explain to someone that I think the way their right eyebrow is moving is making the giggles inside me (yup, I'm a giggler) start to rise higher and higher til I think I might absolutely lose it. You're right, I can't. And like I said, it's a little frustrating.

Like when I started my job at the hosp (shortened word forms are probably funny). I found all the new people I met amusing. I know, I'm horrible. They're wonderful people, they really are....but I just tend to get a kick out of seriously everything. The way people move their mouths, the force and speed at which they choose to type, the way they order medicine for their cats, the way they say "bu-bye" at the end of every phone call the exact same way....every single time.

Point of my stupid story? Humor. It's what I thrive on. It's the most wonderful part of my life, and the most horrible. Sometimes, I feel like I AM Liz Lemon. No friends cause all I do is mock people. I'd like to say "today is the day I change for good. Today, I start a new leaf and become a better form of myself and stop laughing inside my head all the ding dang day long", but sorry, not gonna do it. But I do promise to only laugh at nice things, like flowers. And rainbows. I promise I'll find a way to make them funny.

Thinking about this makes me feel lucky. I feel like I scored in finding someone that "gets" me. The other day, I did something spectacular. Now, this happens a lot so I don't remember the specifics but after I had done this so-called thing, I raised my fists high and shouted "STEVE HOLT!" And my sweet baby cakes, the skip in my step, the apple of my eye, burst out laughing. And my heart welled up so big in my chest I thought it might burst (kind of like the Grinch, you know the one?) Just like it does every day, when he gets my jokes and we're both doubled over in tears watching 30 Rock (I like that show, ok? like, seriously).

You know the good ol' classic relationship conversation of "when did you first know you loved me....(hands under chin).....(googly eyes)......(siiigh)....". Well, ok, we have had it. And you want to know about it, I'm guessing...since you're still reading...

Me and Al had known eachother for a mere few months. He still had his neck brace on. I told him all the time that he looked like a little innocent puppy dog (minus the neck brace) cause he had big puppy dog eyes and a beard and, you know, he just looks like one! I was driving him home in the Ranger like I always did since he couldn't drive since he was in a neck brace. We were talking in the car, it was probably 3 in the morning...I probably had to be at work at 6....(ah, to be young and in love). Anyways, he started acting the part that I always told him he was and started barking. And barking, and barking, and barking. And licking my face. (not in a creepy way, like a DOG). He went on like that for a looooong time. I tried to have conversations with him and he would only bark short answers like "YES" (imagine that as a bark). I laughed and laughed and laughed and cried a little. The next day I told the story at the dinner table and was in hysterics, tearing up, and spitting and sputtering between bits of broken up words trying to tell it. It was just really funny, I promise.

Yup, I knew he was the one.

And he still is.

And I can't wait for him to get home so we can watch more you-know-what. (I'm afraid if I make another reference to the show I might end up in jail for copyright...or something..)

Oh and PS, BTW, really hoping someone gets my Steve Holt reference here or this post is for the birds.


becky said...

i tried to keep all my laughter inside but i couldnt handle it and ended up looking like a fool in front of my family. i get the steve holt reference lol.

jezebel said...

and i also get the steve holt reference. dont count me out on your humor, even when you quote movies and i have no idea what you are talking about. at least i dont ask what you are quoting when you say ANYTHING funny... like angela...

gibb-gibb said...

oh fetch, thanks for embarrassing me. i innocently thought i could read your blog in the study lounge... thanks for the steve holt reference, i can vividly picture you doing that and it's freaking hilarious!

Jennie Holt said...

oh man i am comment number FOUR....i am really dropping the ball. you are funny. always. and Al is pretty funny. you are both just two balls of funny love bubbles. and I always bust up laughing at your blog....good thing i am never anywhere of importance to embarrass myself.

Tina Heggie said...

Two balls of funny love bubbles! What a great description to be given!