Sunday, November 7, 2010

Pro Schmos

Ok so I kind of lost my mind last Friday. I apologize about being a grade A psycho, but it is definately harder than I thought to hear nasty things about someone who is truly wonderful and 100% undeserving of crap talk. And someone I love very much. I know such chatter is inevitable, but I hate it.

Anyhow, you know those adorable cooking blogs, Bakerella type ones? Where all the girls get together and make cake pops or cookies and they are the most adorable perfected things and you think "how easy! I could totz do this!" Well I've done it myself now. Me and Dix and J got together with all the kids before Halloween and decided to make a cute little treat and deliver them to some much deserving people. I figured I'd take some pictures and put them on my blog, just like all the pro's do! I figured my iPhone would do just as good a job as their thousand dollar cameras. Boy, was I not wrong.........:S oooor maybe I was.

So the idea we had was to make our favorite thing ever, caramel apples! But mini ones! So J found the idea on one of the many blogs she reads. We were to use a melon baller to make little apple balls. This worked out quite nicely actually....better than I thought it would. Then we stuck little sucker sticks in them and dipped away. We made caramel and chocolate and butterscotch dips and put sprinkles on them.

The results were beautiful. As you can see here!

Just like the professionals do, I'm sure!

Look at those beaut's eh??

Here's a close up of the best one. JUST RIDICULOUS!!

Oh well, at least the kids liked them.

In the end we eventually just cut up the apples and dipped them right in the caramel and put them right in our mouths. Yum. Successful enough for me!

Hope everyone had a good Halloween. We didn't even dress up cause we're super duper lame but we did stay home and watch Addams Family with popcorn and the halloween candy that we didn't end up handing out.


Jennie Holt said...

teehee haaa. good times. honestly who do we think we are?? martha freaking stewart???

you made me want popcorn and leftover halloween candy.

Jennie Holt said...

how come you never get any comments?? it baffles me.

this stuff is gold i tell you...GOLD!

Tina Heggie said...

Haha, thanks Jen. You are the golden sibling that keeps me blogging!