Wednesday, November 17, 2010


What we been up to, ya ask?


Just to keep the general theme of the blog going, we have officially finished watching all four seasons of 30 Rock. It took us a while since we had to reweatch over half of them (I fall asleep real lickedy split once I sit down). I am a woman obsessed. I'll relax eventually, I swear.

So a few weekends ago (been a while since I blogged) we got the lovely priviledge of sitting this little guy:

He's pretty handsome, aint he? Right up there with Al! See how he's sittin on that couch like he owns it? Yaa that is pretty much how the weekend went.

He was obsessed with cuddling with us and licking our faces and trampling us with love. He also insisted on sleeping in our bed right smack dab in the middle curled up into the biggest heaviest ball he could possibly muster. I pretty much slept through it, but it sure kept Al up. Poor guy.

So I made him some bruschetta to lift his sleepless spirits. I'm such a little fancy chef.

NEXT! We had a STAT holiday for Remembrance Day. Man, I love free holidays. The day all started out with me having a mental breakdown (refer to the end of this blog). So I was reeeeheeeally wanting to get out of the house. Thought about heading to Waterton but it was kind of windy and I was feeling super sponataneous, so we headed a different direction and ended up in the lovely land of Taber. I knew two things about that place: corn. And a pool. So we opted for the pool. It was actually freaking fantastic. That slide is JUST how I remember it. We just went up and down and up and down and up and down, we couldn't get enough!! The only time we had for breaks was when the big mushroom turned on and was gushing with water for us to frolic in! That's how I remember it anyways. I don't have any recollection of spending like two hours in the steam room. (unrelated: so excited for that steam room in our doctor mansion)
Turns out Taber has live FIVE restaurants too. Outstanding! So we hit up BP's and ate dinner while our skin burned from that freaking salt water pool, what is THAT about?

Another thing I've been up to is growing out of my jeans. Seriously....depressing. What is it about being married that makes me so fat? I ate like a cow before! I have been lazy my whole life! I would say I'm even less lazy now, which is pretty much ridiculous. So now I'm officially on my eat a little less chocolate and run if I ever feel like it exercise and diet plan. I'm pretty convinced big things are in store for me, big things.

Gotta dream big, right?

Oh, and my polka-dot shirt finally came in the mail which made me happy for, liike, an entire week!

Aaaaaactually, I am still pretty stinking happy about it. Al ordered it for me. I just love that man.

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Jennie Holt said...

What the??? that dog is NOT little like you previously informed me he was. he is HUGE and i can't belive you let him sleep in your bed. i hope you washed your entire bed!! gross!

on another note congrats on catching up on 30 rock. what about parenthood, doesn't it get an honorable mention?

also love your shirt. you are adorable. as per usual.