Tuesday, November 30, 2010


In recent events, Al's PC broke down. Yup yup yup I know what you are all thinking and my family has been saying it ever since me and Al started our courtship...."you should have bought a Mac!!!" It's almost kind of become a catch phrase with us by now. Anyways, that's beside the point. Point is - we lost most of our info off of that dumb computer. Having the most fantastic computer-savvy bro-in-law, we might be able to save some pretty important stuff, but me thinks the music is probably a goner.

So I'm thinking I'd like to keep track of a few our "our songs". We had a playlist of them on Al's computer and here I go attempting to remember them....

1. The Luckiest - Ben Folds. This one is a given. I think it is on everyone's romantic list. But the history goes as follows: it was one of those typical nights with me dropping Al off in the Ranger with him in his neck brace. The song came on from one of my mix tapes (slash CD's) and I sang the whole thing to Alan in a real romantic/kind of sarcastic way. He totally bought it. And he officially loved me...at that moment....right there. Just kidding, he loved me the first time he laid eyes on me.

2. Goodnight Starlight - The Julianna Theory. This song doesn't really have a reason other than it steals all the romance in your heart with it's first line "close your eyes, you're beautiful when you're sleeping". After that, you're hooked. And the rest of the song is bliss to your ears.

3. The Way I Am - Ingrid Michaelson. It was on our wedding slide show and it always made me cry when Al was away at BYU cause it reminds me of him and how he loves me even though I'm, like, the worst.

4. Just To See You Smile - Tim Mcgraw. Oh Timmy, you swoon all us lovebirds! Alan LOVES to see me smile, just ask him. His is pretty nice too. Especially with that beard he has been sportin as of late!

I'm sorry. I have to go off track for a second here. To get visual for ya here, I am blogging at the table and Handsome is on the other end doing physics questions which look absolutely ridiculous if you wanted to know. His stuff has been on my computer since his broke down, and I want to cry looking at those equations. Aaaaaanyways (man I am really drifting away here) it is a pretty quiet setting..we're both pretty focused. Al just shot up his head with a big fat grin on his face and exclaimed "THIS IS FUN!". He's not joking. He went on to explain something about batteries and forces and equations that didnt' make sense to me, and then told me that it was fun again. Yes, I said he is doing physics. What a guy....what a guy....

5. Loved You Before - Jason Deere. The week before our wedding, I had the week-before-the-wedding nervous breakdown. Not really about the Alan part, mostly about the wedding part. I was crying. Al started singing this song to me and danced me until I was semi-calm. Yup, he is a hopeless romantic. But not really hopeless, cause I LOVE IT.

6. Steppin Thru - Swollen Members. SWOOOLLEEEEN!! We like to dance to this one. And Al knows most of the lyrics. And Swollen is the bizzzomb.

And then there is the obvious song he made up for me and sang to bongo drums at our wedding that NO ONE video's. I plan on being bitter about that forever. (The tune is Steal My Kisses - Ben Harper).

I met you working at Raymond Pro Hardware
The girl behind the desk, you looked so fair.
I had to make a plan so you'd be mine.
I broke my neck, how could you decline?

I always have to steal my kisses from you.
Always have to steal my kisses from you.

Now everything I saw, yeah, I was liking.
You swam, you ran, snowboard, and went hiking.
As time went by, together, we had fun.
I am so glad that you became the one.


I can't believe that to me you said "yes".
I'm so in love with you, I must confess.
Today is the first day of our whole lives.
With me as your husband, you as my wife.


He totally surprised me with that, I thought he was going to sing She's Everything - Brad Paisley. Which is kind of another one of our songs I guess since it makes me cry and Al probably sang it to me, har har. And yes, I cry a lot. Get over it!

And thus commences a part of the list that I'm sure will continue to grow with even more special moments!! Awwwwww! Oh, and Al has since claimed that "this is not fun anymore" (pertaining to the physics spiel).

One more thing: I have started to listen to the rusty old iPod at work lately. I put one ear bud in one ear and listen to the dictation in the other ear. It's a task that usually brings on a headache, but it drowns out some of the sounds I don't want to hear (coworkers). Whaaat? Did I just say that? Anyways, here are a few songs I've been relishing in.

The Greatest - Cat Power
Each Coming Night- Iron and Wine
Last Kiss - Taylor Swift
Scarlet Begonias - Sublime
Midnight Sun - The Sounds
Home - Xavier Rudd
Dearest - Buddy Holly
Land Locked Blues - Bright Eyes

Listen up, you'll be relaxed and happy, promise.


girluntitled said...

i know how you're feeling...at christmas time old man smart reset my ipod! i haven't been able to recover from it.

i didn't know alan wrote you a song! how adorable!

Breanne Eakett said...

You're the cutest! I'm probably gonna go youtube all these songs in the morning. so thank you for giving me something to do haha. I love your face! <3

Jennie Holt said...

no one video'd that musical wonder at the wedding? I am appalled!! i had no idea! I probably would have taken on such a task had you not gotten married 5 minutes after i had a baby. so its your own fault really.

you are on a blogging roll!! pun intended ;)