Thursday, November 25, 2010

You Are Freaking Out, Man

I don't make dinner on Thursdays, deal with it.

So today when Handsome got home, we both alternated saying "I don't care" for about 45 minutes on the topic of what we wanted for supper....when it all came down to "let's go get burgers". So I put some stretchy pants on and shoved them in my boots, and we were off to Costco! (there is seriously a T in this word, after all this time)


That's right, the legend of the biggest juiciest most fufilling burger is dead. Here is my shoulder, cry on it.

You know on Arrested Development when they did those few episodes in a row where everyone had their own little misfortune, and they all hung their heads after and slumped their shoulders and drug their feet while a little depressing tune played in the background?? Well, I'm pretty sure I heard them play that same tune over the intercoms today as Big Al slugged out of there.

It broke my heart to see him like that.

So in attempt to cheer the old chum, I exclaimed "well!! At least we still have Tony Ro......." And I had to stop myself because The Roma Burger is off our list as they jipped us out of like 40 bucks last time we were there. We've been back two whole times (time is very valuable when you do university like Al) and they still haven't fixed it. Queer bags!!

We ended up at Mcdeeee's and I'm still hungry from that skinny little patty. WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO!!!

I'm freaking out, man.


jezebel said...

i must admit i did not follow this post at all.
and I am confused why you didn't drive to edmonton/the closest red robin to get a burg. SOOO GOOD.
and you probably DID hear that AD song because it is ACTUALLY a christmas song. blake had to pause the episode and look it up on youtube cause he was sure he knew that tune.
I'm pretty sure its on charlie brown and i think its called "christmas time."
so there's my input.

Tina Heggie said...

I don't think they sell burgers at Costco in the states but trust me they DO here and we live for them. Or lived.

Jennie Holt said...

what? when did this happen?? I am appalled!! poor alan i could feel his shoulder slump pain from here.